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// SEPT. 4, 2023
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Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of an Urban Transportation Studies Degree
The Centre for Urban Transportation Studies (CUTS ESUT) is a collaborative initiative
between the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) and CHRIS CUTS
CONSULTS Limited, and the first of its kind in Nigeria. Indeed a center such as this should
have been part of the nations educational priorities since the drift to the nations big urban
centers began in earnest in the late 1970s and 80s and gradually grew to become a worrisome
phenomenon for development planners.
CUTS ESUT programmes will offer post graduate degrees and diploma courses, and several
other unique professional courses on Urban Transportation. CUTS ESUT will also offer
mutually beneficial partnerships with governments, public and private institutions, (national
and international) as well as consultancy and advisory services in simultaneously running and
comprehensive programmes to meet the country’s identified needs as fully as possible in the
near, medium, and long-term future. Furthermore, CUTS@ESUT offers continuing education
and professional development activities to keep urban transportation professionals on the
cutting edge of the industry.
With an eye on the identifiable mistakes of the past and the urgent needs of the present and
the future, CUTS@ESUT aims at educating and producing future transport planners,
designers and administrators who will have a particular appreciation of the relationship
between the planning functions and the engineering characteristics of alternative systems. For
this purpose, emphasis is placed on the following objectives:
 The development of capacity for public transport planning, operation and regulation.
 The development of an integrated spatial planning and urban transport policies
 The inculcation of the basis for the determination of infrastructure and public
transport service development needs and priorities.
 The application of the modern transport methods in urban development with the view
to solving the problems of traffic congestion in cities in Nigeria. Based on the above,
graduates produced will:
o Fit into positions in the Transportation and Urban planning and Research
sectors of the various ministries and parastatals.
o Meet the needs of State Governments, and the country in teaching of all
transport engineering and planning subjects in the various institutions of
o Lead in all decision making relating to transport policies.

Professional Courses
The Centre can help students through professional examination and certifications such as the
Chartered Institute of Transportation, registration with Institute of Transportation Engineers
(ITE), Washington.
The Centre will be open to partnership and collaboration, with national and international
organizations, Gauff consultants, GRI-Germany, Myles and Stevens Associates, San
Our event management department can put together a world class conference at the shortest
possible notice. We can also source internationally renowned keynote speakers and panelists
through our worldwide connections.
We conduct study tours on public transportation for interested students to Britain, Germany,
Malaysia, Singapore, US and China.
We offer consultancy services on public transportation; we also offer advisory services.
In the area of research and consultancy, the centre will be involved in the following;
i. Transportation Planning Consultancy Panels
ii. Corridor Management Plan
iii. Transportation Safety Management Plan
iv. Road and Interception Plan
v. Corridor Partnership Plan
vi. Development of Long range Solutions to improve Motorized and Non Motorized
Movements and Safety within the study area (Ninth Mile Corner, Ogbete Market, Kenyatta
Market in addition to regeneration of critical areas like Coal Camp in Enugu, Gimbiya Street
in Abuja, Benin City Central Market etc).
vii. Transportation Update Planning


viii. Traffic Planning and Engineering Consultancy Services
ix. Cycling, Pedestrian/disabled Access Master Planning Services
x. Improvement Study for Community Mobilization

Graduates of the Center will have the following opportunities:-
 To carry on the business of urban transportation studies and research.
 To do the business of resource management on information relating to Transportation
Engineering Services.
 To do the business of consultancy on traffic and transport engineering, event
management, Tour advisory, negotiation, accident forensic audit, keeping traffic
records statistics and census, driver training, safety management not limited to rail,
road, air and sea transportation, port administration, transportation logistics, air
administration, motor and recreational parks management, pedestrian road users
 To do the business of provision of public transportation development plans not limited
to rail, road, air; trip generation, traffic studies, transportation master plan
development, land-use, transportation and urban design, coordination of major
planning and development initiatives.
 To do the business of teaching and imparting know-how to students on transportation
Engineering, Specific topic areas including multi-modal transportation and utilities
and public services, transportation and utility finance, land use, sustainability open
state and recreational resource; assisting/engaging students in tutorials for
professional examination and certification.
 To borrow or raise money in such manner as the economy shall deem fit and to secure
the repayment of any money borrowed, raised or owed.
 To do all such other things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the
attainment of the above object or any of them.
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